SPARSH - Defence Pension

System for Pension Administration (Raksha)

SPARSH: Defence Pension

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an option of continuing with the old system?

There is no option to revert to the legacy system. We must accept that SPARSH is here to stay. Having been associated with this system and the team at all level, whatever little I have understood about this system compels me to say that it is a very good step, the system is good. Only thing the complexities are far too many and are getting resolved on day to day basis. The reasons of errors are many but there is no point dwelling on them now.

How we will get our Form 16?

Form 16s are already there. Some cases pay slips are also visible. Everyone will have access to payslips shortly. SMS/emails template is under finalisation and will be the next thing happening soon.

Some data on SPARSH website is wrong or incomplete, how do we get it changed?

There are errors with reference to migration cases. Errors have been identified and action to address them is in hand. 

RM has made a statement that If you do not wish to migrate to SPARSH. Is it true?

That statement is for pre 16 retirees.

Will SPARSH have the option to not deduct income tax on service and disability pension?

The taxation is as per the existing income tax rules.

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