Metamorphes is a group founded by veterans committed to bring about a positive change in society.
We at Metamorphes endeavour to be the restitution catalysts and help our society metamorph into a society which is humane, valued and culturally and ethically strong.

  •  Inculcate pride in the nation by resurrecting patriotism.
  •  Affirm the status of the Armed Forces as key contributors and influencers to National Policy, Strategy formulation and Nation building.
  •  Endeavour to place the Armed Forces as a preferred service of pride and valour.


The Saga Of A Braveheart is a project close to all of us at Metamorphes and specially to Mrs. Shakunthala A Bhandarkar (one of our directors). The project was first initiated by her as a book in which she penned down her emotions and facts about her late husband, Lt Col Ajit V Bhandarkar SC, a hero who sacrificed his life for the safety of our nation! The idea behind the book was to inspire the youth and other citizens of India. The initiative to make a documentary came from Maya Chandra and her company Maya Films, who were inspired by the story of Lt Col Ajit V Bhandrakar SC and his heroics. The documentary is not only pay tribute to him, but also to inspire millions of Indians!


"Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Country"

- John F Kennedy


Lt Col Ajit Bhandarkar, SC Award

Selecting a student who would help projecting the image of ethical behavior in the school and s/he could be the brand ambassador recognised by his/her actions which would be emulated by students of younger classes.

Veer Naari Campaign

Veer Naaris series attempts to strengthen and empower the Veer Naaris to assimilate in this world and have a better future by facing the odds/challenges and overcoming them.

Nation Talks Series

This is a series of videos on interesting current and important topics. The videos feature interviews and panel discussions on contemporary issues by leading experts and thinkers in these fields.

Research and Advocacy

We at Metamorphes propose to create chairs, support academicians, researchers to delve into the large and ever growing field of defense and strategic studies. 


Feel Like Getting In Touch With Us?

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