• Respect to our Martyrs, who have made a supreme sacrifice, has always been a part of Indian Armed Forces ethos and culture. Soldiers ‘Killed in Action’, leave behind a legacy, a legacy of valour and sacrifice. However, the sacrifices and travails of their families, the brave spouses, need addressing. As a consequence of this ingrained value system, the welfare of Veterans and Veer Naris remains an important facet of the soldiering.
  • Today Indian Armed Forces have a fully functional and responsive organization, which not only addresses the concerns of the Veteran community in a holistic manner, but also looks after the delivery of care and compassion to our Veer Naris. It endeavours to redeem the grievances, especially those related to pension, health care and other entitlements to our veterans/Veer Naris with minimum delay. Most do not know their entitlements and rights. And more importantly, how to get these.
  • Veer Naaris series attempts to address these very issues. To strengthen and empower the Veer Naaris to assimilate in this world and have a better future.


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