Social Responsibility and Community Engagement Project

Metamorphes Foundation is committed to helping the Veterans and families of our brave soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. We believe that it is the duty of every citizen to give back to society in some way, and this project is a great way for students to do just that.


It is necessary that in the new social and environmental order, every individual contributes gainfully towards his or her society in such a way as to make a difference in the lives of fellow human beings and the society at large. While the individual contributions might not seem significant, when done collectively, they have the potential to positively influence lives, thus contributing overall to nation building.

We at the Metamorphes Foundation endeavour to offer such projects to students, which would contribute towards them fulfilling their responsibility and form part of the curriculum under the subject Social Responsibility and Community Development.

Action Plan

Nurturing Tomorrow's Bright Minds

In the first initiative of our impactful project, compassionate students will embark on a mission to uplift their communities from within. They will proactively engage with schools across their regions, driven by a shared vision of discovering and empowering the most promising who face significant financial barriers to education.

These volunteers, our champions of change, reach out to such select schools and will meticulously identify and recognize three students from Class XI. These select students shall be those who display outstanding social values, and exemplify resilience and dedication while maintaining unwavering commitment to their education. All this, despite facing formidable financial challenges. It is our aim to award such valued future citizen of Bharat as a symbol of our collective belief that wholesome education is the ultimate equalizer. We shall endeavour to provide the schools such tools that help in driving home these values and beliefs among the students. In doing so, we are not only changing individual lives but also sowing the seeds of a brighter, more equitable future for our society.

Embracing Heroes, Supporting Families

Our mission also extends to embrace those who have made the greatest sacrifices for our nation – our Veterans, Veer Naris and their families. The students, driven by empathy, pride and respect for these heroes, will collaborate closely with the Zilla, Rajya and Kendriya Sainik Boards. Together, they will identify the old Veterans, Veer Naris and families who need assistance, ensuring that their sacrifice is acknowledged and their well-being is paramount.

This initiative is not about financial support but emphasizes emotional well-being and rightful accrual of available benefits. Our compassionate students will reach out to these remarkable families, offering a compassionate ear and a shoulder to lean on. They will provide unwavering emotional support, recognizing that sometimes, a caring presence can be as transformative as material aid. Moreover, they will act as bridges, helping these families connect, through Metamorphes Foundation, with vital official resources and support networks within their communities. Through these actions, we aim to not only alleviate immediate challenges but also Instill hope and resilience in the hearts of our nation’s heroes and their families, demonstrating our enduring gratitude for their sacrifices.

Invitation to Join

If you are interested in supporting this project, please volunteer to the Metamorphes Foundation today. Your assistance will help provide emotional support, and opportunities for community engagement to the families of our brave soldiers.