Get a chance to be interviewed by a veteran of over 2500 interviews (both actual in SSB as well as mock interviews), Cdr S Chakrapani (Retd)

One-on-One Personal Interview Session

Attend a mock interview conducted by me, an expert and gain from my insights. I have been helping aspirants for years. I conduct a 45 min interview (like it happens in the SSB) followed by a 15 to 20 min feedback session that will give you unique insights to propel your preparations to the next level.

You will actually understand what an interview looks like, how to respond, the right manner to present your answers, what to do when you have no clue about answering a question, how to turn the tables and much more. 

This is your chance to cash in this one-of-a-kind opportunity and prepare yourself the right way

About Cdr Chakrapani (Retd)

Over 24 years in the Indian Navy, he has served onboard Indian Naval Submarines Sindhughosh, Sindhuvir & Sindhuvijay and warships Darshak, Bhavnagar, Vindhyagiri, Kavaratti and Sindhudurg. He has also held several prestigious staff appointments including Staff Officer (CINCAN), APAO (FOMA) and Officer in Charge NOM Varuna. Thereafter, he worked in Satyam/Mahindra Satyam/Tech Mahindra for over 13 years as Vice President Marketing, Strategic Initiatives, Customer Relationship Management.

He has conducted over 2500 interviews over time in Services Selection Boards Allahabad, Bangalore and Bhopal as well as in numerous Defence Aspirants Training Academies like AFPA, Nagpur.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do mock interviews, esp. online ones like on Skype, help?

Indeed they do. I have personally helped numerous aspirants achieve their goals and get recommended over the last few years. You will actually get a feel of a real interview, the stress, the pressures, the rapid fire questions and the added advantage of a recording of the interview that you can refer to when preparing for the actual one. I have had many aspirants tell me that 'my interview actually helped them, not just in the SSB bit also in life"

How will the interview be conducted?

We will conduct the interview on Skype (basically because it provides the advantage of recording both sides of the conversation). The link will be provided to you once you register and pay up. You will need to download Skype on your device (laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile), its free software by Microsoft. At the appointed time, please log in and click on the link to connect with me.

What about feedback? Will I get a written feedback also?

We will do a feedback session of at least 15 min where I will give you my feedback, also answer your questions and resolve your queries. You will also get a written feedback in pdf format to help you in continuous improvement.

How do I keep in touch with Cdr Chakrapani?

You can connect with him on the chat window of Skype or on email:

What kind of questions can I be asked during the mock interview? Are they any different from those that will be asked in the actual interview at the SSB?

In an actual interview, the interviewer can ask just about anything, but essentially these will be around you, your life, your education, your experiences, your family and friends. There may be some questions on General Knowledge, the Service you want to join, maybe even a situation reaction or ask you to organize something that you would have done or are expected to know.