We recognize that the youth are the seeds from which a nation’s future blossoms.

Our initiatives focus on igniting the spark of patriotism within them, fostering a deep appreciation for service and unwavering character. We act as mentors, guiding them towards careers that safeguard the nation’s well-being.

We celebrate the values that define a true leader, recognizing the strength that lies beyond academic accolades. Through carefully curated programs, we cultivate within them a profound understanding of the sacrifices made to ensure the nation’s security.

SSB Mock

We prepare future defenders of our nation with rigorous mock interviews, ensuring they are ready to face the SSB with confidence and honor.

Lt Col Ajit Bhandarkar, Shaurya Chakra, Award

We celebrate the extraordinary spirit of young leaders by recognizing school students who exhibit unparalleled courage, character, and leadership.

Youth Conclave

We immerse students in the valorous world of the armed forces, igniting their passion and patriotism through real-world experiences and mentorship.